Summer Style Inspiration: The Surfer Girl

On this entry for our “Summer Style Inspiration” series, we are turning the spot sunlight on the Surfer Girl.  Fearless yet fun-loving and ultimately cooler than anyone else, the Surfer Girl exudes a free-spirited vibe with a sunshine-y attitude in life. We can all learn a thing or two from these girls– riding the waves can’t be easy with surfing as is with real life but Surfer Girls know how to just enjoy the whole ride… and to  get back on board when you wipe-out sometimes.   

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Summer Inspiration: Beach Babe

Summer is officially upon us.  And by “us” I mean you, me, here and now in the wonderful Philippine Islands.  It is understandable that many of us get giddy and excited once summer steps in and I have a couple of reasons why this is:

  1. Summer is our only “official” season in terms of the universal knowledge of seasons in a year.  (Do not get me started with “rainy” season.  It rains all the time here.  Why not name it, “flooding” season instead? )
  2. With 7,107 islands in our country, the choices of your “summer spot” are endless.
  3. We all love a good reason to eat Halo-Halo and not feel too bad about it (“It’s sooo hot, I need to eat something that will cool me off!”)
  4. We  can now embrace our skin tone with much gusto– sun-kissed and tanned is in.

But before you start packing for your summer  destination, we’ve rounded up inspiration to start it right.  And since each one of us are different when it comes to getting our summer on, we are posting a series of these inspirations for each type of “Summer Girls” (now, why do I suddenly feel like breaking into that LFO song?)

On this entry, we are focusing on the Beach Babe (since there are a lot of us, naturally).

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