How to pack light for a trip

While all of us would agree that to travel is a joy, packing for it is another story.  If we could skip that part and just magically have a backpack or luggage neatly organized as we go out the door than that would be great.  However, unless you are a billionaire and/or Mariah Carey who have a personal assistant to do everything for you, packing things for a trip is a cold, hard truth in one’s life.  Of course, packing will be fairly easy if we could just stuff our whole house in a bag but since we consider lots of things, i.e. size of your bag, the health of your back and airline luggage weight regulations, we have to be smart about it.  I am now convinced, after years of living out of suitcases (and backpacks), that packing is a science and also an art. It just doesn’t happen– it has a formula and at the same time you have to be creative about it.

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