Thoughts and truths: A prologue

Travel to most is an escape from reality, but what if it makes you experience your reality? I write this prologue to a recent trip to bare my thoughts.

Do you ever have that trip where everything just seems a blur?  And you’re not even doing any drugs or alcohol?  I just happened to be in one on my recent trip to Australia. It was my second time to be there and while things do seem familiar in a way, it was also uncanny that it was very different.  I can tell you that I felt like someone in a dream-like state.  You know, how the details are not exactly easy to remember but you felt strongly just the same?  Whereas on my previous travels before, everything seemed palpable and exciting, this trip was rather wistful.  All because something happened– I grew up.  Strange, isn’t it?

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Endings and Begginings

Endings are never easy.  Not even the ones that you fervently hoped for to end: a toxic relationship, a difficult mountain hike, a senseless war.  Everything must surmount some sort of obstacle in order to get where you want to: the end of it.  Deciding to end my job as a banker was easy.  It was the actual doing it that took 10 years.  In those 10 years that I have been working, I always knew that banking was not for me and that eventually, I would have to resign.  But things got comfortable and ironically, that made it more difficult to leave.  When people ask me why I resigned, I tell them precisely that.  The ending that was 10 years in the making, as I would like to call it.

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