Baler is a Beauty

(Even if photographed with an iPhone 4.  On a cloudy day.  Uh, Sorry?)

There have been numerous trips and travel opportunities that have not pushed through in my quarter-life– trips that are so well-planned, detailed and dreamed on for days but then something happens and then one thing leads to another and then, the trip ended before it even started.  I believe this happens to most of us, and it doesn’t even have to be out of town travel.  It could be simple trips or quick get-together with friends that goes awry after you have exhausted time (and sometimes money) to plan it out.  And then there are things that you don’t plan for, things that are just of the moment and then it all falls into place.  Is careful planning a jinx in itself? But before I further discuss this and bore you to death, let me just say that our summer trips here at QLT for this year are rather unplanned and yet they turned out to be the most fun we’ve had.  But then again most of our trips are unplanned AND fun.  What am I even saying? Yeah this is just regular stuff.  I might actually bore you to death.

Or not.  Because we went to Baler.  You cannot be bored at Baler.  You just can’t. 

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Surf trip to Baler

I badly need sunlight. And while I believe there is an app for that, nothing still beats the real feeling of the heat warming up your skin and the slight breeze of the ocean cooling you out at the same time. Alright I do not just miss the sun’s heat, I miss it particularly in the beach.  Fine, I miss the beach and being able to surf the smaller, pretty waves that summer brings on the waters of Sabang Beach at Baler, Aurora.  Since I am on an honest streak here, I am also going to tell you that when I just said the word “pretty” to describe the waters at Baler by no means do I mean absolutely.  It is a surfer’s paradise for a reason and that reason does not include my penchant for the smaller, boring, beach breaks to surf on (its the girl in me).  Surfers come out here most especially during September, October when the monsoon winds bring in the larger, testy waves that can only mean great for them and can just mean plain scary for any other non-surfing person or even to those less-experienced surfer-types (i.e. me).  So as a way to muster up my guts (and the skintight rashguard tells me I do have lots of those) in surfing on a non-summer day, I am going to tell the tales of what went on during a surfing trip I had with friends on last year’s summer.

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