Lazy Girl’s Guide to Hong Kong

 Ah, Hong Kong!  A cultural melting pot of East meets West, with great shopping, good eats and good-looking people.  Having said that, a 3-day jaunt on “Asia’s World City”, seems like a taxing endeavour especially when you are going to do it all by yourself (i.e. good riddance, boring tour packages!).  However if you are well-traveled and have been there once or twice before, it should be fool-proof, right?  Probably true.  But sadly, not for us  We admit that once we’ve been to a place before, we tend to be pretty stubborn in our ways.  And lazy.  Big time.  This could be due to too much sun and salt water exposure.  Or  you know how you seem to be good at Physics and you think you got it so you end up not studying for the exam and then when you take the exam you “surprisingly” fail?

Well, that’s kind of what happened on our Hong Kong trip (And I really thought I was good at Physics!)

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