A break from surf breaks: Chasing Tangadan Falls

I think I’ve just been blacklisted from ever taking surfing lessons in San Juan.  Yesterday, just before sunset, I agreed to take surf lessons this morning with Ate Marilyn, my constant instructor whenever I happen to be on this side of La Union.  Always, she recommends an ungodly hour like 6 or 7AM.  And always, I come in late.  But worse, like this time, I never make it at all.  I remember waking up at 6 but then I closed my eyes.  Opened it. Its ten past seven. I reason with myself for another hour that perhaps this is why after all these years, I have never made it past to surfing on my own: I am not a early riser– a trait that most surfers have.  Then I remember: Of course I was tricked to saying yes when surfing is not really on my agenda this time around.  Because this time around– with 7 hours left to be exact,  I only have room for one activity and that is trekking down (or up?) to Tangadan Falls. Surf lessons be damned.

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