Sometimes, I do not write on my travel journal.  A not so rare occasion, mind you.  There are many reasons for this.  The recurring one is laziness.  Sometimes a depression bout gets in the way, too, if I am being honest.  But for my not-so-recent trip to Dumaguete (including Manjuyod and Siquijor), I just simply did not have the time.  Which is a good reason because it just means that I spent it all adventuring and being outside. I could’ve written away when I got home– memories still fresh on my mind.  But, it has been a whirlwind last month.  I only have a few days after this trip to prepare for my next one, in Australia.  An excellent travel planner,  I am not.  And so, it is a good thing my camera is always with me on my travels.  It records things that I otherwise will not have written about.  Just a click away, sure, but I also enjoy how visually, I can also tell a story.

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