“Seoul” Food

Did you like my title?  No?  Yeah, I know I’m trying too hard on this “writing” thing.  But before you dismiss my seemingly pretentious entry, I want to make a proposition: It will be delicious.  I promise it will.  Why?  Well it’s because I will be telling you about what I ate during our trip to South Korea (Hence the title?  Duh). It’s not hard to like their cuisine because IMO it is made to be liked and enjoyed– not super fancy that you are intimidated to eat it (maybe Kimchi is an acquired taste but you can’t get any more democratic than cabbage), always generous in servings (even in the student meal categories) and if you are a carnivore, welcome to meat land, my friend (along with entrails and parts you probably would not like to know).

What we chowed on while we freeze our butts off in South Korea after the jump…

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Lost in wintry Seoul


Getting lost has long been Quarter-life Vices’ theme when it comes to travel.  Sure, we check what places are worth going but we never really strictly plan our days with a well mapped-out itinerary.  This philosophy has proved well for us so far but how about getting lost in sub-zero temperatures?  It could be a bad idea.  Images of hypothermia and frostbite (an ear falling out, perhaps?) comes to mind.  There’s also the dowdy and plain ugly winter style for the novice cold-weather fashionista (puff-jackets with pom-pom bonnets?  Or how about jeans with white cross-trainers?)  Yes, it is so bad an idea that you want to forget about it.  But the lure of extremely-low promo air fares and the beauty of a foreign land we’ve never been to has  such a strong force that a bad idea could become a crazy one.  And you know, crazy ideas have the potential of being the most fun.  And who doesn’t like fun?  So here we are, starting 2012 with a c-c-cold winter in Seoul and a bit of Nami (which is even colder but we’re already on that road of crazy so what the heck, right?)

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